One of the telltale signs of anxiety and stress can be constricted breathing. When the body starts to take shallow short breaths instead of breathing at a natural pace, it is near impossible for one to reach a relaxed state. Part of the problem is that the muscles around the rib cage and abdomen may have
tightened, constricting air.
Massage plays an important role in training the body how to relax and help improve breathing. Respiratory issues, such as allergies, sinus problems, asthma and bronchitis, are one group of conditions that can benefit from massage therapy. In fact, the positive impact massage can have on respiratory
function has been shown through research, says Anne Williams, education program director at Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.
Many muscles in the front and back of the upper body are accessory respiratory muscles, she explains. "When any of these muscles are chronically tight and shortened, they can restrict normal breathing and disrupt breathing patterns," she explains. "Massage techniques to lengthen and relax these
muscles improve breathing capacity and function."
Massage therapy can not only improve breathing, but also posture. This can lead to an opening of the chest area, as well as the structural alignment and rib cage expansion needed for optimal lung function, she adds. Plus, when the parasympathetic nervous system responds to massage your breathing
rate slows and becomes deep and regular.
A particularly beneficial way of relieving respiratory issues through massage therapy is tapotement, a rhythmic, percussive stroke used in Swedish massage. When performed on the back, along with vibration and shaking, tapotement can loosen mucus in the lungs and increase airway clearance for
better lung function, Williams says.
Not only will massage therapy help relax muscles, it can also help individuals become aware of their daily stress levels. Once the body recognizes what true relaxation feels like, the mind can then easily recreate it before stress becomes chronic and damaging. This can also help you enjoy a more
balanced life.
Benefits of Improving Breathing
•        Controls breathing in an effort to aid relaxation
•        Allows the mind to re-create relaxation before stress becomes chronic or damaging
•        Increases energy level
From board meetings to bunko groups, there's a lot of tension these days-as in neck and back tension. "Our necks and backs hurt, and poor posture is the No. 1 culprit," says Janice Novak, M.S., author of the book, Posture, Get it Straight! (Perigee Trade, 1999).
When you hunch forward, your body isn't properly aligned. "Not only does poor posture look bad, but it forces some muscles to work incredibly hard all day long while others get weaker," Novak says. Poor posture can put you in other slumps, too. "When you slouch, you're pressing down on your
internal organs, which affects digestion," Novak says, adding that circulation and breathing capacity can take a hit too.
Unlike other bad habits, poor posture can be relaxing to correct. Why? Because massage can help get your body back on track. Allowing the body to reinforce healthy and natural movements can be one of the most beneficial aspects of massage therapy.
Massage can relax and loosen the muscles made sore by bad posture, allowing your body to position itself in its natural-and pain-free-posture.
With ongoing massage the muscles are loosened and relaxed-joints have greater freedom and pressure points are relieved. This allows the body to position itself in a healthy and natural posture, therefore avoiding the movements and positions developed over time as a reaction to the pain. If ongoing
massage is of interest to you, please visit our Massage Envy membership page.
Benefits of Improved Posture
•        Muscles are loosened and relaxed
•        Joints enjoy greater freedom
•        Pressure points are relieved
Stress is universal, and it's not always bad. Whenever you jump to catch a badly thrown ball, feel especially energetic before an important meeting, or hit the brakes in time to avoid a car accident, stress is doing its job. The adrenaline boosting your heart rate and the cortisol boosting your blood sugar,
while diverting energy away from your digestive system and immune responses, are exactly what prehistoric humans needed to fight or flee attackers.
However, when there's never any relief from stress, the sustained fight-or-flight response can cause problems. In fact, WebMD warns that constant stress actually becomes "distress -- a negative stress reaction. Distress can lead to physical symptoms including headaches, upset stomach, elevated
blood pressure, chest pain, and problems sleeping. Research suggests that stress also can bring on or worsen certain symptoms or diseases."
•        Angry outbursts
•        Drug or alcohol abuse
•        Over- or under-eating
•        Social withdrawal
•        Tobacco use
•        Anxiety
•        Irritability or anger
•        Lack of motivation or focus
•        Restlessness
•        Sadness or depression
•        Chest pain
•        Fatigue
•        Headache
•        Muscle tension or pain
•        Sex drive
•        Sleep
•        Stomach upset
Massage Therapy and Stress
Virtually every symptom listed by the American Psychological Association can benefit from massage. Research has shown that it can lower your heart rateand blood pressure, relax your muscles and increase the production of endorphins, your body's natural "feel good" chemical. Serotonin and
dopamine are also released through massage, and the result is a feeling of calm relaxation that makes chronic or habitual as well as acute or short-term stress much easier to overcome.
In fact, stress relief is one of the first benefits that come to mind when thinking of massage therapy. It's also a key component for anyone trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Clinical studies show that even a single 1 ½-hour session can significantly lower your heart rate, cortisol levels and insulin
levels -- all of which explain why massage therapy and stress relief go hand-in-hand.
Benefits of Massage Therapy for Stress
Taking care of your body should be at the top of your priorities. By addingtherapeutic massage to your routine now, you'll feel, look and simply be healthier far into the future. In fact, stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind. So what better way to prep for a long, happy life than a
relaxing, therapeutic massage?
If you're looking to add stress-relieving massage to your wellness program, aMassage Envy membership can be a powerful ally when combating daily pressures and anxiety. In addition to stress relief, ongoing massage therapy can reduce pain, increase energy levels and improve overall physical and
mental performance. Our experienced, professional therapists at Massage Envy locations nationwide customize every massage (and stress relief) session to address your individual needs.
The body can produce an unhealthy buildup of hormones when we're stuck in traffic or meeting a work deadline. Pent-up levels of the "stress hormone" cortisol can lead to sleeplessness, headaches and even digestive problems.
Enter massage therapy. Massage has been shown to decrease cortisol in the body. This allows the body to enter a relaxing rest-and-recovery mode¬: an effect that lingers long after the massage is over. In fact, massage triggers a host of brain chemistry responses that can result in lasting feelings of
relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood.
Massage Envy offers a variety of relaxing massage therapy styles and techniques to help kick start the relaxation process. If you enjoy relaxing massage therapy, know that a Massage Envy membership can be a powerful ally in your wellness program. In addition to encouraging relaxation, ongoing
massage therapy can reduce pain, increase energy levels and improve overall physical and mental performance. Massage Envy professional therapists customize every massage session to address your individual needs.
Benefits of Improved Relaxation
•        Improves mental outlook
•        Allows for better handling of pressure
•        Reinforces positive attitude
•        Promotes relaxed states of mental alertness
•        Enhances calm and creative thinking
•        1.MEET & GREET
Once you arrive at Massage Envy, you will be asked to fill out intake forms to provide us with any medical history specific to your neck, head, and face, and other physical or skin concerns we should know about.
Your esthetician will review your form, along with your reasons for visit, your current skin condition, and any specific areas in which you would like to address during your facial. Session time includes 10 minutes for consultation and dressing.
You will be guided to a peaceful, private room for your session. Your esthetician will leave the room to allow you to disrobe from the waist up in private. Get comfortable on the table and pull the sheet over you. Your esthetician will knock on the door to ask if you are ready before entering.
Your esthetician will perform a skin analysis on your face to determine how to customize your facial and what products are most appropriate. Once the esthetician has finished the analysis, they will give you a brief overview of your skin condition and description of the facial they recommend. Each
facial includes: cleansing, toning, mask, treatment, and massage.
Once your facial is complete, your esthetician wait outside the room so you may dress. When you’re ready, they will share recommended homecare product information with you, and return you to the front with a glass of water.
•        6.WRAPPING UP
To show your esthetician how much you appreciate their service, you may want to leave gratuity. Information on the suggested gratuity range for your service is available at the front desk. We look forward to welcoming you for your first visit.
Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Thank You! With so many healthy benefits, a Massage Envy gift card is a great idea for any occasion. To purchase a physical gift card,
We offer our clients quality waxing treatments in a private, clean and hygienic environment.
professional treatments
Healthy and beautiful skin is our mission
At PCA SKIN®, the health and beauty of your skin is of the utmost importance. We believe that a highly educated and skilled skin care clinician is one of the most important assets your skin can have. That’s why we educate and certify thousands of licensed professionals each year in the safe and
effective application of our professional treatments. This process ensures every PCA Certified Professional is knowledgeable in each of our advanced products. Each graduate of our programs is uniquely qualified to select the best combination of PCA SKIN®products for your skin and get you the
results you want. Visiting one of our Certified Professionals is a great first step in achieving your skin care goals with confidence.
Gently remove dirt and makeup without stripping dry, sensitive skin of moisture with this hydrating cleanser containing aloe and essential fatty acids. Protect your skin
nst UVA and UVB rays with this non-oily daily hydrator with SPF. Added antioxidants increase protection from free-radical damage. Lift, firm and smooth aging skin with this powerful peptide and growth factor serum that builds volume and minimizes the appearance of pores. FOR OVERALL CARE AND
Good for relieving you of common stress-related tension and pain, your therapist may use a light technique called Swedish massage to help promote overall circulation. For chronic pain or intense muscle tension. Your massage therapist may apply deep tissue pressure to help loosen and break up areas of intense
muscle tightness for lasting and effective relief.
Regular massage can help balance the active routine of sports enthusiasts and regular gym goers by loosening tight or overworked muscles to support lactic acid movement out of muscles and promote circulation after workouts and injuries.
Tension specific to the back and neck can be caused just by sitting at a desk or in a car for long periods of time. Your therapist can target these areas of commonly held tension to relieve pressure and keep joints more fluid.
If you need relief from headaches and backaches commonly associated with pregnancy, your therapist will use prenatal massage techniques to help maintain energy and promote sleep.
Who doesn't want to reduce the stress in their life? Stress relief is key to finding the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Even a single massage session can relax your muscles and support the production of endorphins - both of which help reduce daily stress.
As we age our skin becomes thinner.  Less collagen is produced and the fibers that keep our skin firm and elastic begin to wear out.  Our skin also becomes drier as we get older because it produces less oil and retains less water.  The result is that skin begins to wrinkle and sag.  Sun damage speeds up this
process, as does exposure to polluted air and cigarette smoke.  Muscle use also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles.  Small muscles on the brow and around the eyes can become permanently contracted resulting in “crows feet” and brow lines.
Are lines and wrinkles geting you down? There's something you can do about them and, in the process, start looking as young as you feel!
What can I do about my wrinkles?
Using advanced cosmetic dermatology techniques, our physicians are able to significantly minimize the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.  Procedures such as BOTOX ®, Juvederm ® and Restylane ® offer fast and effective means of achieving a younger, more invigorated appearance.  We are
excited to offer other cosmetic services including microdermabrasion, laser treatment and chemical peels that result in younger looking skin.  Our results are proven by thousands of satisfied patients from Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, Clover, Indian Land, and Lancaster.
These procedures are quick, virtually pain-free and provide instant results you can see and feel!
Request an immediate appointment to find out more about:
•        Botox
•        Juvederm
•        Restylane
•        Microdermabrasion
•        Chemical Peels
•        Laser Treatments
•        Products
Trust the doctors the doctors trust.

Unlike other bad habits, poor posture can help be corrected by relaxation. Massage helps reinforce healthy and natural movements, which can get your posture back on track.
The pressure created by massage therapy moves blood through congested areas. This causes new blood to flow in and old blood to flow out to promote circulation in the body.
Need to find the perfect place for customized, affordable and convenient Rock Hill facials and massages? It's right in your own backyard at Rock Hill Massage Envy. Professional massage or skin care services performed by licensed therapists and estheticians who care about helping you look and feel your best
are in your neighborhood. At Rock Hill Massage Envy we make it our mission to help you take care of you.

Massage therapy can relax your muscles to help relieve common stress, boost overall energy, refresh your mental and emotional outlook and positively impact all aspects of your life. Professional skin care helps expose the skin to beneficial nutrients and improve the cellular regeneration process, so you’ll look
and feel healthy.

We’re open 7 days a week with late weeknight and weekend hours. Make regular massage and skin care a part of total body care routine today at your local Rock Hill Massage Envy.
Power Peel Facial (Microdermabrasion)
Micro-crystals are used to gently exfoliate and improve the appearance of the skin. Clients will experience softer, smoother skin after the first treatment. After several treatments age spots, acne scars, enlarged pores, and fine lines will be less noticeable.
Pumpkin Peel or Cherry-Berry Facial
Application of an enzyme masque, followed by a chocolate-hazelnut soufflé masque. This facial releases vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes into the skin while dissolving dead cells. This aromatic facial revitalizes, nourishes and tones tired, lazy skin.
Basic Facial
Beneficial to any skin type. This 45 minute treatment cleanses, relaxes, tones, and hydrates the skin. A great stress relief treatment.
Calming Facial
This facial is designed to help calm and soothe acne/rosacea skin. The Vitamin C Masque will aid in reducing erythema caused by rosacea. Serums used in this treatment will hydrate, heal and calm acneic skin without leaving the skin feeling oily.
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
A facial perfect for the teenaged client or any client experiencing ‘teen-like’ acne. The combination of products helps to reduce oil without drying and gives the skin needed hydration. Botanical ingredients help to heal acne, while the clay masque draws out impurities and oils that can be harmful to the skin.
Firming Facial
A treatment for the client who desires luminous, hydrated, firmer skin. The facial leaves the skin feeling and looking healthier with a more radiant, firmer complexion. Ideal for all occasions.
Regenerating Facial
This facial is designed to pamper all skin types. The combination of products leave the skin hydrated, refreshed, and ready to take on the environmental ravages of the day. It is the perfect antidote for skin that needs a circulation boost from air travel, illness, medication or stress.
Refining Treatment for Men
A treatment designed specifically for men who suffer from ingrown hairs brought about by shaving. The treatment can also be used on the neck, chest, arms, or back. Fine for all skin types.
Back Facial
This service provides deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction if needed, specialty masque, and light massage for the hard to reach areas.
Hand Rejuvenation
The hand treatment can be added to a facial or other menu item. Dry, tired hands will feel soft, rejuvenated, and young again.
Extractions can be added to any of our facial treatments. Using gentle pressure, milia and blackheads are removed followed by a soothing and anti-bacterial serum.
tree of Life Massage and Facial Studio in Rock Hill, SC offers personalized treatments to enhance your spirit and well-being.

Whether it's a nourishing facial, a detoxifying body treatment, relaxing and restorative massage to injured or sore muscles and joints, you'll benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified and licensed massage therapists.

You'll enjoy the restorative and healthy benefits of the IMAGE skincare products which we are excited to offer in our facials.    

Please continue to read about our services, our credentials, our products and more, then call Tree of Life for an appointment.  We promise you a relaxing and enjoyable experience that you'll want to repeat!
After many years in the healthcare field, Anna decided to begin a new career in Therapeutic Massage. She graduated from Medical Arts Massage School in Raleigh, NC in 2005 and became a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT). She began her new career working with a chiropractor in Apex, NC,
performing medical massage. Subsequently, Anna continued her journey by transitioning into a spa environment, helping to launch three day spas.

In 2008, Anna expanded her skills by becoming a Licensed Esthetician after graduating from Central Carolina Community College in Sanford, NC with certifications in chemical peels and microdermabrasion.  She also has advanced training in Esalen Massage and has completed Level 1 of Trager. Anna is also a
Certified Nurturing the Mother Massage Therapist.

In 2012 Anna opened Tree of Life Massage and Facial Studio in Rock Hill, SC. Anna is passionate about her work and understands the value of using her massage and esthetic skills to assist her clients in improving their health and quality of life.
Hal came into the practice of Therapeutic Massage after a career that included computer programming and business. He graduated from Medical Arts Massage School in Raleigh, NC in 2005 and became a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT) in North Carolina. He has worked at day spas in Apex
and Charlotte, NC Hal has advanced training in Esalen Massage and has completed Level 1 of Trager. He enjoys providing relief and relaxation to clients and is often asked for Deep Tissue; however, he is able to adjust massages to maximize benefits and comfort of his clients, encompassing a variety of
modalities.  In 2013, he became certified in the State of South Carolina and joined his wife Anna at Tree of Life Massage and Facial Studio in Rock Hill.
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